This is suitable for talented cricketers and qualified coaches who can help to promote DKP within their clubs and leagues. Preferably, a DKP Ambassador will be a gifted young player, a respected amateur player or an established coach. Our mission is to develop long term relationships with players and coaches who want the best equipment.

The DKP Ambassador Programme supports the following:

  • Talented Young Players (playing county cricket)
  • Top league Senior Players
  • Qualified Coaches

In kind for our support, we expect our Ambassadors to support DKP grow the brand in their cricketing circles. We expect a DKP Ambassador to represent the brand in a positive manner, both on and off the field.

If you can e-mail us details of your playing background (CV if applicable) and a link to your playing statistics to We will then assess your details and reply accordingly.

Conditions And Expectations

Bats and Kit

  • You will be entitled to discounts from our bats and kit as agreed.
  • Discounts on bats and kit are solely for your own use
  • You will use all DKP bats and not combine brands.

Minimum expectations are:

  • Batsman: you will use a DKP Cricket bat, batting pads and batting gloves.
  • Bags: this is optional but we would prefer you to use DKP bag if possible.
  • The Ambassador discount on cricket bats only applies to our Grade 1+  or Grade 1 Grade willow.


Positive Promotion of DKP Cricket

  • You will be expected to positively promote and recommend DKP at every relevant opportunity.
  • If applicable, you will Follow us on the respective social media channels you use.
  • Where relevant, you will Like, Share, Retweet etc… the posts you think might be of interest to your own social media followers.
  • As well as the above it would be great if you could get us involved at your cricket club. We would love to provide some DKP Equipment for Presentation evening or Club raffles

Our objective is to continuously develop a mutually beneficial partnership with our Ambassadors, parents and coaches.

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