About DKP

The Inspiration

DKP was named in memory of my late father, Dinesh. An avid cricketer and enthusiast, he instilled a passion for the game in us from a young age. In fact, my parents told me I was born with a bat in my hand and always threw over arm. This passion for the sport has remained, driving me to establish DKP in 2014.  This brand is centered around accommodating for the club cricketer, like myself. 

The manufacturing process

Our Player Series Range has been developed bringing together a traditional appearance with an innovative design. In relationship with the best suppliers we have sourced the premium material to create an affordable product with the best quality. DKP understand the modern cricket bat is made to hit the ball out of the ground, however, are more prone to breaking prematurely. Consequently, we have developed a bat making process which enables our bats to be longer lasting whilst still being designed to improve your game.

We make each bat by hand, requiring detailed workmanship to ensure a superbly balanced and finished bat. From the shaping of the cleft with a table saw and planes to the time spent sanding, polishing, applying decals and gripping. Each product has been tested to ensure performance and comfort is parallel to the international arena. We endeavor to produce some of the best cricket equipment available today. 

About the product

DKP have created a contemporary range of cricketing equipment to best suit today’s player. We understand how important it is to offer quality products at affordable prices. We work with the finest craftsman, materials and young cricketers to produce this collection, for professional and amateur player, alike. At DKP all our willow/clefts are sourced from a long standing willow supplier in England, ensuring high quality clefts and more importantly superb performing willow. Further, we use the best quality cane from Malaysia for our handles. Our bats are geared towards the demands of the game we love today. 

Warranty on DKP Cricket Bats 

We guarantee these bats against manufacturing flaws for 6 months from the date of purchase. Bats must be returned with proof of purchase to support any claim under warranty; failure to adhere to DKP recommendations can affect this guarantee. Please read our 'knocking in section' Willow and cane are natural raw materials used by DKP in accordance with the laws of the game; these raw materials naturally deteriorate with use and cannot be impervious to the effects of poor quality balls, mistimed shots/yorkers, tapping, general wear and tear etc. As a result it is impossible for any manufacturer to give a fixed period of longevity to a cricket bat.

If any damage occurs, the bat must be returned promptly to us for advice. Minor repairs can easily be rectified, leaving damage unattended until beyond repair may be construed as neglect. Repairs completed within the 6 month guarantee are normally free of charge; subsequent repairs and servicing are usually chargeable, but quoted before any repair work is carried out. Our aim is to look after the bats and our customers with prompt, effective repair work in combination with clear advice on preparation and maintenance, throughout the lifespan of the bat. Please note toe damage is not covered under the warranty.

Who uses DKP Bats

We have players ranging from Professionals such Surrey's Conor McKerr, County U19/U17, Overseas Professionals, Premier league teams and grass roots level.

Where can you find us

DKP are based just outside Birmingham in the West Midlands, UK, where we manufacture the bats and offer a comprehensive repair and refurbishing service bringing old bats back to life. You can contact us via our website, telephone or personal visits by appointment.