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DKP Cricket Range


      DKP have created a contemporary range of cricketing equipment to best suit today’s player. We understand how important it is to offer quality products at affordable prices. We work with the finest craftsman, materials and young cricketers to produce this collection, for professional and amateur player, alike. Click here to find out about our story. 

      The 2024 DKP Cricket Bat range includes 6 unique models, each to suit your style of batting and at the most affordable prices. The ever-present Legend and Limited Edition cricket bats, while DKP have introduced the Icon, Ultimate Pro, Maxpower and Reserve to its 2024 cricket range.

      DKP Bats are made by hand in England, each one made using traditional methods from the past and combining them with modern techniques so that our bats are geared towards the present demands of the game we love today. 

      Our DKP equipment is well-worth a look too, as both gloves, pads & thigh guards boast modern, lightweight construction.

      The DKP Range is created based on some of the most popular profiles in world cricket, used by the very best players. Resulting in innovative design and performance, allowing players to perform at their optimum. Prices for Junior bats starting from just £129.99.