Custom Made Grade 3 Cricket Bat | Design your own Bat - DKP Cricket Online
Custom Made Grade 3 Cricket Bat | Design your own Bat - DKP Cricket Online
Custom Made Grade 3 Cricket Bat | Design your own Bat - DKP Cricket Online

Custom Made Grade 3 Cricket Bat | Design your own Bat

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Our Grade 3 English willow Cricket bats may have plenty of grains which will not be entirely straight and possibly heartwood on one of the outside edges with the odd blemish or spec mark. 

You can use the bat builder form to make your ultimate cricket bat, with a 'Additional information' text box to help us with further particulars you require. If you decide to go for Laser Engraving please enter the name or initials in this section.

Regardless of grade, all of the bats are made by our Master Batmaker and most importantly have our unique pressing. This means that you benefit from supreme playing performance even across the lower grades.

A complete guide has been created detailing all the bat terminology, which we believe will assist you in creating your ideal cricket bat. For example, handle type, bat shape, blade profile and sweetspot position fully explained with images, just click on the link. 

All our bats are handmade in England using the finest English Willow. We all know us batsmen can be very fussy so we can alter the length of the blade, the weight of the bat, the length of the handle, and the shape of the handle. We hand grade our clefts so can usually find a cleft that you are looking for.

By hand crafting our cricket bats we can make the bat you want, from the profile of the bat, edge size, a concaved shape or a full profile. We can position the sweetspot for the kind of conditions you play in. Fast bouncy pitches where runs come from flat bat shots need light bats with a high middle as scoring shots come from generating bat speed. Low bouncing pitches need heavier bats with lower middles. Bat speed is not as important as getting value for shots, so a slightly heavier bat is recommended. 

For example bats for the UK and USA we would recommend low middles due to the general low & slow nature of the pitches, while we would suggest bats to be used in Australia/South Africa to have a slightly higher middles due to the fast and bouncy pitches you are likely to encounter. At DKP Cricket we pride ourselves on getting the right bat for every customer. We would love to discuss further particulars on your bat with you. For a instant response complete the Contact Us form or call us on +44  7711 890103

All our Willow/Clefts are sourced from a long standing willow supplier in England, ensuring high quality clefts and more importantly superb performing willow too.


A cricket bat's weight, balance and length should be made to match your height, build and your personal style of play. The sweet spot should be in the part of the bat that will assist you in your batting role. The handle length, size and shape can also be customised to suit you. Feel free to ask for any adjustments to be made however trivial they may seem.