The Custom Cricket Bat Making Process

The Raw Materials 

An English Willow Cleft. All our blades are supplied from a willow specialist, they come in 6 grades (Grade 1+ to Grade 4) including butterfly stained clefts.

A Singapore cane handle with either rubber or cork inserts, generally rubber inserts are heavier then cork inserts but rubber inserts provides more flex in the handle.

The DKP, step-by-step custom bat making process, so you know exactly what you’ll get for your money. Read on if you’re demanding exceptional quality and unbeatable performance at the crease this season.

1. Each cleft is unique, the 3 common differentials are grade, moisture content and density.


Cricket English Willow Cleft


The weight is a crucial part in the selection process so each cleft is weighted and the appropriate cleft is selected based on the customer’s requirement. For example, a raw cleft may weigh 5lb and be G1+ however to achieve a 2lb 8oz finish with a full profile is not possible due to the weight of the cleft.

English Willow Cricket  Cleft


2. The Cleft is then trimmed down to size and pressed using our distinctive pressing technique.  It is then handled and pressed again, this stage will also determine the bow in the Cricket Bat. Following this, it is roughly shaped and again weighted to ensure the bat finishes in weight.

Cricket Bat Shaped and Handled


3. The blade and handle is handcrafted to your preferred shape, ensuring we achieve the desired weight, balance and pick up.

Cricket Bat Bespoke Made in England


4. Your Cricket Bat is buffed and polished resulting in a silky smooth finish. The handle is binded using a four ply cotton yard and gripped, a toe guard applied if requested. 

Brand New Cricket Bat | Cricket Grip | Buffing


5. Every bat receives a final quality assurance check to ensure that it has been finished to the high possible standard.

Handmade Custom English Willow Cricket Bat