DKP Icon Voted Best Cricket Bat 2024

We are thrilled to announce that our very own DKP Icon Cricket Bat came out as the number 1 choice from a review of the best Cricket bats for 2024 by The Cricketer.

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The Cricketer editor Huw Turbervill’s head was certainly turned by the DKP, saying: “The mega mega thick edges would’ve put me off initially, but it was like a dream, a Lamborghini, a fabulous middle that can’t fail.”

Video Review of the DKP Icon by ex-England fast bowler Alex Tudor 

We’ll leave it to ex-England fast bowler Alex Tudor who summed it up perfectly: “Looks nice, plays better.”

With its simple sticker design, this bat is unfussy and all about substance over style. Its thick edges might give the impression of a heavy, T20 sleeper, but the reality is closer to the opposite. Certainly not overly heavy, instead this felt like the perfect club cricket bat, with a pretty central middle and a forgiving ping when you didn't quite nail your booming cover drive.

"There wasn't a single batter in the room who didn't have DKP Icon at the top of their list"

DKP Cricket Best Bat | DKP Icon Cricket Bat | Best Cricket Equipment | Cricket Bat Review

The DKP Icon brought a lot of smiles with it.

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